In 2013, members and stakeholders of the global asset management community sought assistance in maximizing benefits from the ISO 5500X Asset Management Standards that were published recently. In particular, organizations require competent and capable people, who may be employed as staff or brought in from external organizations to assess against, or comply with ISO 55001.

The GFMAM has published a document that sets out the minimum knowledge and comprehension specification for personnel to audit or assess to ISO 55001. These competency requirements conform to at least, the requirements and recommendations in ISO17021- 5 and ISO 19011:2011. These competency requirements anre also based on the recently release Asset Management Landscape, also from the GFMAM.

The purposes of theĀ GFMAM_ISO55001 Auditor_Assessor Specification include

  1. To establish the minimum knowledge and comprehension of asset management to perform duties as an assessor for ISO 550001;
  2. To provide guidance for organisations providing training in preparing for ISO 55001 adoption and evaluation;
  3. To provide the basis for certification of ISO 55001 assessor/auditor personnel; and
  4. To support, or comply with ISO 55001, the introduction of ISO 5500X, and ensure that organisations derive benefit from the use of these standards.

Download ISBN978 0 9871799 3 7 GFMAM_ISO55001Auditor_Assessor Specification