Since the GFMAM was created, several projects on Maintenance and Asset Management are finalised and others are under development. 

The following project outputs are available for download free of charge under "Publications":

  •     Asset Management Landscape - Version 2
    • English
    • French
  •     Auditor Assessor Specification
  •     Maintenance Framework - 2nd Edition
  •     Asset Management Maturity
  •     The Value of Asset Management

The following projects are under development:

  •     The Value of Asset Management – Case Studies
  •     Asset Management Maturity – Part 2
  •     The Competency Specification Review
  •     Mapping of GFMAM documentation inclusive of ISO 5500X
  •     Benchmarking approach for Asset Management
  •     KPI's Harmonization & Survey

A list of major meetings and Communiqués which discuss progress on each project is available on the sidebar of the "About" page.