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The Global Forum on Maintenance & Asset Management (GFMAM) is a non profit organisation, originally founded in May 2010 in Switzerland. It was re-incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation under the laws of Canada in October 2017.

Since its inception the Global Forum has held two meetings per year in conjunction with the conferences of its member societies and many opportunities to collaborate have been identified and advanced.


To be a worldwide community, providing leadership for maintenance & asset management communities.


To promote and develop the maintenance & asset management professions by collaborating on knowledge, standards and practices.


  • To bring together, promote and strengthen the Maintenance and Asset Management community worldwide.
  • To support the establishment and development of associations or institutions whose aims are maintenance and/or asset management focused. 
  • To facilitate the exchange and alignment of maintenance and asset management knowledge and practices. 
  • To raise the credibility of member organisations by raising the profile of the Global Forum.


All members of the GFMAM are non-profit organisations, controlled by the whole membership, legally formed within their respective regions of operation, have significant membership representing a broad base from within the industry they represent, and share the same values and objectives with the GFMAM.

Our Members

Directors and Officers

  • Chairman, Johannes Coetzee, SAAMA
  • Vice Chairman, Vlad Bacalu, SMRP
  • Treasurer, JP Pascoli, PEMAC
  • Secretary, Naoki Takesue 竹末 直樹, JAAM
  • Director, Richard Edwards, IAM

Founding Members:

  • Abraman, Brazil | Mr. Lobato de Campos  
  • AM Council, Australia | Mr. John Hardwick
  • EFNMS, Europe | Mr. Hans Klemme‐Wolff (Chairman)
  • FIM, South America | Mr. Armando Negrotti
  • GSMP (now GSMR), Arabian Gulf Region | Mr. Nezar Shammasi
  • SMRP, USA | Mr. David Staat

Incorporation Information

The GFMAM is incorporated under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act .