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Criteria for Membership

  • GFMAM members are not-for-profit organisations, governed by members (who are natural persons)
  • GFMAM members have elected directors whose terms are limited and accounts that are available to their members
  • They have objectives aligned with the objectives of the Global Forum and interest in furthering or promoting the objectives of the Global Forum
  • They accept the Global Forum rules and documents

Benefits of being GFMAM member

  • Strengthen the development of the maintenance and asset management profession in your association
  • Contribute to the alignment of core concepts and understanding of good practice in the field of maintenance and asset management 
  • Bring innovation to your association through a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural approach 
  • Develop additional products and services for your members
  • Develop meaningful partnerships and networks
  • Gain understanding of alternate approaches in other cultures & contexts
  • Gain information about trends in the field
  • Gain recognition for your international contributions as an association


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